Guild Wars 2 could be coming to MLG; “currently under review”


After a suggestion on the MLG feedback forums, Guild Wars 2 is one step closer to attaining that Esports status it’s wanted since launch. MLG have already responded to the proposed addition, stating that the suggestion is “under review”. If you’re eager to see Guild Wars 2 grace the big screens at your next MLG, now’s the time to get your voice heard.

With the recent addition of custom arenas and spectator mode, Guild Wars 2 now has all the tools it needs to get into the Esports scene.

At the time of writing it’s generated over 800 votes and it’s still growing. An Arena Supervisor from MLG has also responded to the suggestion with some promising words:

“We will decide if this has enough interest in the coming weeks to determine if an arena will be created.”

The comments are overall positive in nature, but some highlight worries about class balance and the amount of resources ArenaNet would need to commit. “I would love to see gw2 as an esport, but ArenaNet/NCSoft have to commit more dev resources” said an anonymous commenter.

The balls in your park now ArenaNet.