Guild Wars 2 gem sales are “consistent and strong”


ArenaNet have seen “consistent and strong performance” through their in-game gem sales, particularly in comparison to the money they made through sales of boxed copies.

Strong numbers in that department spells a good future for the life of the no-sub MMO Guild Wars 2.

During NCSoft’s first quarterly earnings call, managing director Nah Seong Chan discussed the money made in digital transactions, saying “It is difficult for us to talk about the specifics in this area because it is a business issue… but when compared to our initial expectation in terms of the box sales and the item sales, we have seen very consistent and strong performance in this area, and we do believe that we will be consistent going forward.”

It was vital for the company’s in-game transaction model to be successful for the continued development of Guild Wars 2 because, despite initial sales being extremely strong – strong enough for ArenaNet to pull the game from shelves, they needed continued revenue to fund development teams producing new content for the game post-launch.

This earnings call suggests that they’ve managed to do just that.

Additional reporting by Jeremy Peel.