Guild Wars 2 once again available to buy


Just over a week ago, ArenaNet turned off online sales of Guild Wars 2, in an effort to stave off their servers having a nervous breakdown and refusing to create any more dynamic events because there are just too many people demanding too much, and they were never built for this. They’ve now had a long chat with that server, given him a pay rise and an assistant, and online sales are now open once more.
Which means you can go here, if you were waiting for them to open up once more.

It’s a pretty good sign of the MMO’s health to be restricting entry to preserve the experience of everyone involved; especially when there’s no queuing in the game, it’s definitely better to just deny people entry rather than have them just sit in a queue waiting to be let in for hours on end.
Even though they have tried to avoid server overload, I have noticed a few patchy bits of lag in a few of the areas, although it was intermittent at best. And I’ll take intermittent lag over queuing pretty much any day.
And, just in case you forgot, here’s that insane live action trailer from yesterday. It’s a little more accurate today, what with the ‘our’ in ‘our time has come’ now including everyone, rather than just those who’d managed to nab a copy of the game before they shut down sales.