Guild Wars 2 update will let you preview items in the Trading Post


We’re seeing a diminishing level of try before you buy in gaming. Demos are on the decline (mainly because they actually harm sales), DLC season passes are asking us to invest in long distant releases about which we know the scantiest of details, and closed betas just aren’t that accessible. ArenaNet are bringing a little of that old spirit back in a Guild Wars 2 update due to release this month.

More details below.

Redditor Created2Rock spotted the update in this schedule for the month’s Guild Wars 2 releases, revealing that soon “You’ll have the ability to preview items in the Trading Post before you buy them.”

Once the update hits the game you can “Simply right-click an item icon and select “Preview” to see the item equipped on your character. Check out how a weapon looks by itself, how it looks when sheathed, and how it looks when wielded by your character.”

It’s not the same as a demo, sure. But it should alleviate those awkward times when you buy a new corset only to realise it’s got rude words written all over the back. And in the game (ho ho ho).

This new feature is part of the Flame & Frost: The Gathering Storm update due out on 26 February.