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How to access your Guild Wars 2 Hall of Monuments rewards


ArenaNet are the MMO designer who just keep on giving. First, they facilitate the creation of not one but two fantastic dance videos by unlocking the /dance emote in their most recent stress test, and now they’re rewarding the players of the orginal Guild Wars with trinkets and medallions in the new game.

Find out how to get in on this action below.

The Hall of Monuments was announced a little while ago as a way of creating a link between the worlds of the original Guild Wars and this newer iteration, though until now it’s been under wraps as to how it would work and what you need to do to cash in on your many hours in the first game.

Well, a recent blog post has blown away that mist to give a fairly simple process.

  1. Make sure you have your Hall of Monuments area set up on your Guild Wars account
  2. Link your Guild Wars 2 account to your Guild Wars account by logging into Guild Wars 2 account hereand selecting the “Link account” option. Then, enter your Guild Wars account name and password, and bam, linked.
  3. When you next hop intoGuild Wars 2 your character will have a Hall of Monuments Portal Stone. Activating the fellow will jump you into a jazz-ified version of your Guild Wars Hall of Monuments. There you’ll be greeted by Kimmes the Historian. Talking to him will show you all the items that you’ve earned for your characters.


You can find out what you’ve earned with this here rewards calculator.

We laid out how to earn those rewards in this handy guide just last month.