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XCOM 2 and Red Dead Redemption unite in new roguelike you can try now

The turn-based, low-scale strategy of XCOM 2 meets the western gunslinging of Red Dead Redemption in a new Steam roguelike you can try now.

Guncho new Steam roguelike game: A gunslinger from Steam roguelike game Guncho

XCOM 2 and Red Dead Redemption might not initially seem like the perfect match. The Firaxis strategy game is small-scale, turn-based, and highly tactical and cerebral. Contrast that with RDR 2, a sweeping sandbox western where combat relies on reflexes, and it’s tough to imagine two games that are more drastically different. Nevertheless, one visionary developer has managed to bring these two PC classics together. Mixing the hex-map, dice roll moving and flanking of XCOM 2 with the cowboy overtones of Red Dead Redemption, this is a smart new roguelike that you can try on Steam right now.

Welcome to Guncho, a cowboy roguelike game made by a small team of just three developers. As the titular gunslinger, you’re confronted by increasingly difficult, randomly generated levels, composed of a small collection of hexagonal tiles. At the bottom of the screen is an illustration of a revolver’s cylinder.

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This shows you your potential actions – you can move, shoot, or melee enemies. Depending on what you do, the cylinder will rotate, offering a new set of actions next turn. Combined with the upgrades and enhancements, which also randomize with every playthrough, this serves as the western’s roguelike backbone. Do you shoot to kill this turn, and hope you don’t need to move on the next roll, or skip out of the way and run the risk of leaving your opponent alive?

Like the flanking shots in XCOM, where you stand in relation to your enemies will also determine your options next turn. Similarly, there are several different enemy types and you need to adapt your turn-based tactics in order to maximize your offense and minimize your vulnerability. The full Guncho release date lands on Tuesday, June 25. However, you can try the strategy game right now thanks to a new demo available on Steam. Just head right here.

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