Gwent’s new expansion Master Mirror is here, with over 70 new cards

"He’s always been there, quietly pulling at fate’s strings"

CD Projekt Red recently unveiled the next expansion for Gwent, The Witcher 3 card game spin-off. It’s called Master Mirror – themed after the “Master Mirror himself”, the “shadowy, powerful” Gaunter O’Dimm – and ushers in over 70 new cards to the card game’s roster. Oh, and it arrives this very day.

A news post on the Gwent site revealed the Master Mirror expansion is headed to the game on June 30, along with a shiny new trailer to check out (which we’ve included further down this story). Among the hearty batch of new cards on the way soon are “faction-specific ones, including a brand new Legendary card type which evolves in both appearance and power as the battle progresses”. Hmm.

In addition, there are 11 new neutral cards in the Master Mirror expansion, which you can use across all the card factions in the game, as well as some new statuses and abilities, packed with “a fresh set of tricks and strategies to take advantage of in the heat of combat”.

Take a look at the new Gwent: Master Mirror trailer below:

YouTube Thumbnail

And here’s a dev overview clip giving a more in-depth look at Gwent’s latest addition:

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“He’s always been there, quietly pulling at fate’s strings, his evil touch creeping its way into key events in the Continent’s history,” the trailer description teases. “You may be tempted to try to defy the diabolical trickster, but in the end all will play by his rules and all will bend to his will. He is Master Mirror, and it is he who decides how the story plays out.”