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Germany’s Superjj102 takes the $10,000 grand prize in the Gwent Open Tournament

gwent open tournament winner superjj102

This past weekend saw the Gwent Open Tournament go down in Warsaw, Poland, with the pro ladder’s top eight players competing for top honours in the event.

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The finals came down to Jan “Superjj102” Janssen from Germany and Andrzej “Adzikov” Bal from Poland. Bal took the first game for an early lead, but Janssen quickly regained momentum to take the next three games straight and close the tournament in game four of the series.

Janssen takes a prize of $10,100, with the remainder of the $25,000 prize pool split among the remaining seven competitors.

These were the final standings.


  • Jan “Superjj102” Janssen (Germany) — $10,100
  • Andrzej “Adzikov” Bal (Poland) — $4,300


  • Elias “Shaggy” Sagmeister (Austria) — $3,200
  • Raffael “GameKingAT” Iciren (Austria) — $2,350


  • Benjamin “Kolemoen” Pfannstiel (Germany) — $1,400
  • Evgeny “eiSloth” Androsik (Belarus) — $1,400
  • Zehua “Huyahanachann” Zhao (China) — $1,250
  • Nikolay “Cmel” Sakharov (Russia) — $1,000

You can check out all the action via CD Projekt Red’s official Twitch channel.