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H1Z1’s Auto Royale mode gets duos and rocket launchers

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H1Z1 Auto Royale’s first major update introduces a rocket launcher, duos mode, and optimisations to the game mode.

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You can now hop into H1Z1’s Auto Royale mode with a buddy. The latest update brings duos to the game mode, which features up to 60 teams facing off to be the last vehicle standing.

The latest update also adds a new weapon – the rocket launcher.The guided rocket launcher deals high explosive damage to your enemies, causing a similar disruption to vehicles as land mines. To make sure you hit your target, you can aim down the sight during the rocket’s flight.

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In addition, the update finetunes some of the game mode’s existing weapons, and optimises the current map, to improve overall flow, and playability.

H1Z1 Auto Royale’s latest update is now live. For more details, here’s the full list of patch notes.