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Hades 2, sequel to one of the best roguelikes ever made, is out now

Hades 2, the sequel to a roguelike whose success rivals The Binding of Isaac, Dead Cells, and Balatro, is out now on Steam in Early Access.

Hades 2 has launched in Early Access: A cartoon woman with one green eye and one red eye, Melinoë from Hades 2.

Back in 2018, indie studio Supergiant Games put its latest project out on the Epic Games Store. While Supergiant had established a reputation by then for creating games with snappy action design, gorgeous cartoon visuals, and evocative writing, the launch of Hades, which would spend two years in early access before coming out in its final form in 2020, was a bit of a surprise. Hades took all of the action and RPG game elements that Supergiant had already so successfully displayed in Bastion, Transistor, and Pyre, and channeled them into a roguelike format that was both a departure from its past work and another showcase of its existing strengths. The result was a massive hit that’s been cemented as one of the best roguelikes ever made, and a game that’s created a ton of excitement for its sequel. Now, Hades 2, the sequel in question, has launched in Early Access.

Picking up where the first game left off, Hades 2 stars its predecessor’s protagonist’s sister, Melinoë, who, like her brother, is out to defeat a god by fighting her way through gruelling landscapes filled with vicious monsters and tough boss fights. The roguelike game recently launched a technical test that gave players an opportunity to get their hands on a portion of the work in progress, which was met with favorable impressions.

In our own look at the Hades 2 technical test, we noted that “combat feels as smooth and satisfying as ever,” that its “systems are certainly more complex, but never confusingly so,” and that its narrative provides “a cocktail of turbulent relationships to untangle” that come together to see the game “already shaping up to be a worthy successor.”

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If you want to see if you agree, you can now pick up Hades 2 on the Epic Games Store and Steam right now for $29.99 USD / £24.99. You can grab a copy on Steam here or Epic here.

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