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All Hades 2 familiars

It’s dangerous to go alone, so why not take one of the Hades 2 familiars with you to help you take down Chronos and take back what's yours.

Hades 2 familiars: a giant green frog stares into the distance.

What are the Hades 2 familiars? Taking down Time itself is a grueling task. Chronos has wronged you, your family, and pretty much everyone you know, and it’s up to you to take him down. A helping hand never goes amiss, however, and while you get your fair share of boons from the gods, having someone by your side in your battles can be the difference between life and death.

The Hades 2 early access release is here, and it’s superb. We have a Hades 2 review here if you want to know our in-depth thoughts, but if you had even a passing interest in the first roguelike game, you’ll love this one. Melinoë can partner with a host of familiars in Hades 2 as she attempts to save the afterlife and bring back what was taken from her. Here’s what those familiars are, and how to get them.

Hades 2 familiars: a woman with shoulder length hair stands before a cat, stretching.

All Hades 2 familiars

Familiars are animal companions that can accompany you as you venture into the depths – or heights – of your quest. Each has a different advantage in combat, and can also harvest a different type of resource for you. To recruit a familiar, simply feed them a Witch’s Delight treat.

Here is every familiar in Hades 2:

Hades 2 familiars: a page of a journal with a picture of a green frog.


A small, unassuming frog, who lives in the area behind Melinoë’s tent. You can confide in him early in the game, and eventually recruit him once you have access to Witch’s Delight. Frinos does not actively attack your opponents but can intercept projectiles – like the transformation orb in the Hecate boss fight. Frinos can compel Lone Shades on your behalf once per night.

Hades 2 familiars: a page of a journal with a picture of a cat.


Toula is a mysterious cat that you find before boarding the ship in Rift of Thessaly, they are napping on the dock and will gladly welcome a Witch’s Delight. Toula will attack a single enemy if you sprint near them, and can also catch fish once per night while not in combat.

Hades 2 familiars: a recipe page showing the ingredients needed for animal treats.

How to craft Witch’s Delight in Hades 2

If you want to recruit familiars, you’ll need treats on hand to get them onside. Eventually, you’ll gain access to the Faith of Familiar Spirits incantation, which will in turn allow you to craft Witch’s Delight at the cauldron in the Crossroads.

Once you have cast the Faith of Familiar Spirits incantation, simply tab over to the Alchemy section of the cauldron, where you’ll see the Beast-Loved Morsel recipe which will award you with two Witch’s Delights. You will need one Stardust and two Lotus for this recipe.

While there are only two familiars in Hades 2 right now, there are plenty more places left in the training area for your cute little friends, so expect more to be added at a later date. Now that you have company, it’s time to sharpen your Hades 2 weapons, and take on as many Hades 2 bosses as you can handle.