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New Hades 2 patch drops making Melinoë faster and resources simpler

The first patch for Hades 2 has just launched and it's focused on improving things the community has raised as feedback, with more to come.

New Hades 2 patch drops making Melinoë faster and resources simpler: A god form Hades 2 stands against a black background, well armored and ready for war.

Sometimes when a game enters early access it feels like the conversation is one sided. Thankfully, there are times when games go through the process properly, and Hades 2 is shaping up to be one of them. The first patch for the game has just launched and nearly everything included is targeted at community feedback, showing that just like Frasier Crane, Supergiant Games is listening.

Similar to the first game, it looks like Hades 2 is going to take the world by storm. The action roguelike game is already winning tons of praise, our own Hades 2 review calls it a “flawless expansion of a near-perfect roguelike”. Despite that, the community has raised a few issues with the game following its launch. This first patch, released today, aims to address them.

Probably the most impactful change in this update relates to Melinoë’s movement. Sprint is faster and more responsive, fitting better with the intended style of the Princess of the Underworld. “It’s important to us that Melinoë have her own distinct style, and for players to be able to navigate her battles and other interactions in a nimble, responsive, expressive way,” Supergiant Games says in an earlier Steam post. The Dash ability has also been improved, allowing her to dodge out of combat with more reliability. As a result, survivability should be boosted for players able to time their dodges well.

The other large change relates to resources. Previously, you would have to remember to bring the right gathering tool if you wanted to nab particular resources. Now, once you’ve unlocked the corresponding tools, you’ll be able to gather from any resource point you encounter. Instead of having to bring a particular tool, you will instead prioritize it meaning its resources will appear far more often in the game world. This should hopefully make gathering resources a little less time consuming and frustrating.

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There are tons of other changes and fixes included in this patch, from menus and UI alterations to level design improvements. You can head over to the Steam announcement to get the full list of what’s new for Hades 2.

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