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All Hades 2 incantations and effects

With boundless upgrades available at Hecate's cauldron, you might be wondering what all of the Hades 2 incantations are and how to get them.

Hades 2 incantations: Hecate stands with her pointed hat shrouded in darkness

What are all of the Hades 2 incantations? You’ve just got back from a run having fallen to a pesky boss guarding your ascent – or descent – and there are yet more new incantations waiting to be brewed at Hecate’s cauldron in The Crossroads. How many could there be?!

We’ve progressed through Hades 2 early access far enough to seemingly find the limit to these witch’s brews. Check out what we thought of the rest of the game in our Hades 2 review, or if she’s giving you a little trouble, find out how to best the headmistress in our Hades 2 Hecate boss guide, for some extra tips.

Hades 2 incantation: the cauldron glows green when an incantation is done

All Hades 2 incantations and effects

Incantation Effect In-game message
Surge of Fresh Air Cause a Shrine of Hermes to appear in the space between each surface region. When traveling long distances, there are ways to make certain the god of swiftness takes notice.
Rush of Fresh Air Cause locations on the surface to sometimes contain a Shrine of Hermes. A quick prayer to the god of swiftness can make all the difference in one’s travels.
Attending a Faithful Beast Have your Animal Familiars stay in the Training Grounds; when rested, they can harvest +2 times. Even the most tireless of beasts would not say no to the occasional bit of recovery.
Sandy Lifespring Reveal a hidden isle in the Rift of Thessaly, where you may restore some Health amid the tumult. Once an enchanted glade, this bit of land survived when the surrounding countryside split in twain.
Empath’s Intuition Update the Book of Shadows with insight into relationship status with one’s acquaintances. If not even the deathless gods can fully understand the needs of others, what hope do mortals have?
Greater Favor of Gaia Reveal enhancements within the Silver Pool that further empower each Gathering Tool. The Tools of the Unseen avail their purest forms to those familiar with their connection to this world.
Aspects of Night and Darkness Reveal Aspects within the Silver Pool that further empower each main weapon. The Nocturnal Arms belong to no one, but may be persuaded to let trusted bearers choose their form.
Consecration of Ashes Enhance the Altar of Ashes so that you can unlock the potential of your Arcana. Grants +3 Moon Dust. The sufficiently experiences and well-traveled witch can draw still more from the past.
Surge of Sygian Wells Cause a Well of Charon to appear in the space between each Underworld region. The Boatman’s wells once were available only to those with the authority to cross the Underworld unfettered.
Rush of Fresh Air Cause Locations on the surface to sometimes contain a Shrine of Hermes. A quick prayer to the god of swiftness can make all the difference in one’s travels.
Purification of Fountain-Waters Enhance Fountains so that they restore an additional +10% Life. Eliminating any traces of stagnation and contamination from water fulfills its life-giving purpose.
Rite of Social Solidarity Restore the Crossroads Taverna, where Shades and others rest and recover. Grants +1 Ambrosia. After the House of Hades fell, those loyal to the Underworld King struggled to keep their spirits high.
Rite of River-Fording Restore the Crossroads Fishing Pier, so it may be used (min. 2 guests at a time). Grants +1 Twin Lures. It was an ill portent when the River Cocytus flooded, and the pier was sealed off in all due haste.
Permeation of Witching-Wards Gain the ability to traverse Warded gateways, such as the one leading to the surface… The wards fend off no foe but rather prevent an inexperienced Princess from venturing too far.
Unraveling a Fateful Bond Forestall the effects of your bloodline’s ancient Life-draining curse that bars you from the surface. The Fates deigned that those born of the Underworld are to be bound there; but that was then and this is now.
Fated Intervention Beseech the Three Fates to lnd their aid in a time of great need. Not even the Titan of Time ought be able to escape whatever the Fates may have in store for him… whatever that may be.
Doomed Beckoning Beseech Moros to reappear, in accordance with the will of the Three Fates. The Three Fates believe there is more for their brother to do, now that their list is delivered.
Abyssal Insight Activate the Pitch-Black Stone in the Training Grounds, then attempt its Trials for Star Dust. It is opaque, and yet the experienced witch knows there is a way to peer in.
Faith of Familiar Spirits Turn trusted beasts into your Animal Familiars. Grants +1 Witch’s Delight. While not all Familiars are beasts, the unwavering nature of such creatures often makes them suitable.
Divination of the Elements Reveal hidden elemental affinities of various Boons; Olympians will offer Boons that use these. The world’s near-limitless possibilities are composed of a scarce few elementary particles.
Forget-Me-Not Improve your memory. Press Y on recipes for at-a-glance reminders for which resources you need. While witchcraft often demands careful memorization, there are tools as well as spells to aid with this.
Reagent Sensing After Encounters, become alerted to any valuable resources in the area. The experienced witch can quickly spot useful reagents most would readily ignore.
Summoning of Mercantile Fortune Persuade the Wretched Broker to appear, with whom you may trade Bones for various resources. Bones of the dead remain a valuable commodity to those who know their secrets.
Floral Fortune Exchange plants and other goods for Bones at the Wretched Broker. The Broker suffers from botanophobia due to death-related circumstances.
Rise of Stygian Wells Cause Locations in the Underworld to sometimes contain a Well of Charon. The Titan of Time called for all the Boatman’s wells to be buried, as they could not be destroyed.
Woodsy Lifespring Reveal a hidden glade in Erebus, where you may restore some Healing amid the gloom. Infused with moonlight, some fresh water seeps from high above down into Erebus.
Briny Lifespring Reveal a hidden chamber in Oceanus, where you may restore some Healing in peace. A purified spring can be difficult to locate in the depths of the sea.
Cleansing of Fountain-Waters Enhance Fountains so that they restore +10% Life. Water is a source of life, even for immortals; yet must freely flow to achieve its potential.
Propensity Toward Gold Reveal Golden Urns in various Locations, which yield up to 15 Gold Crowns once shattered. Promises of unimaginable riches were enough to swell the ranks of the Titan’s legions.
Summoning a Colony of Bats Make use of All-Seeing Bats in their cages around the City of Ephyra, to better orient yourself there. These bats were not freed from their cages, so much as forced to flee their homes.
Reviving a Mournful Husk Make use of Golden Boughs in the Fields of Mourning, to better orient yourself there. Saplings of surface origin that once shone like gold, and instilled a clarity of purpose.
Gathering of Ancient Bones Cause a random main weapon each night to have Grave Thirst, granting Bones after each Location. Each night, one of the Nocturnal Arms nearby the Silver Pool shall take on a deathlike pallor.
Kindred Keepsakes Manifest your collection of Keepsakes in the spaces separating each region. To keep those dear to you in your heart is to have the strength to press on.
Necromantic Influence Gain the ability to sprint into any Lone Shades you encounter to turn them against your foes. The bloodline of the Underworld’s true King and Queen as yet commands authority.
Rite of Vapor-Cleansing Restore the Crossroads Hot Springs, so they may be used (min. two guests at a time). Grants +1 Bath Salts. The roiling and neglected waters of the springs draw heat from the River Phlegethon somewhere below.
Night’s Craftwork Reveal Gathering Tools within the Silver Pool. Unlock them to gather Silver, Psyche, and more. The earth yields its splendors readily to those bearing Night’s silver and a worthy purpose.
Flourishing Soil Create two Soil Plots, for growing Nightshade and other plants. Grants +1 Nightshade Seeds. The bounties of Gaia are hers to give or to withhold; asking nicely couldn’t hurt.
Kinship Fortune Update the Wretched Broker inventory with exotic goods suitable for gifting. Grants +1 Nectar. Many traditions are difficult to break, and the Olympian gift-giving custom is one.

Those are all of the incantations we know of so far, but we’ll be sure to update this list if we discover any more. In the meantime, why not check out all of the Hades 2 keepsakes and their effects, or take a look at what we believe the best Hades 2 builds to be.