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All Hades 2 keepsakes and effects

Running around Erebus gifting Nectar to the gods can reward you handsomely - but which are the best Hades 2 keepsakes to go looking for?

Hades 2 keepsakes: Nemesis is clothed in silver and orange armor and is surrounded by flames on a dark background

What are the best Hades 2 keepsakes? Erebus is a tricky environment to navigate, and you might be wondering how to optimize your run. Luckily, gifting Nectar comes with great rewards that could turn your fate around.

While you’re seeking out all of the Hades 2 gods and characters to grant them your gifts, you’re likely to run into some formidable opponents. Check out our Hades 2 bosses guide if you’re struggling with any particular enemy. That aside, we’ve got all of the Hades 2 keepsakes and their effects right here.

The Hades 2 Keepsakes screen in the game.

All Hades 2 keepsakes

The first time you give a character in Hades 2 some Nectar, they will reciprocate with a gift of their own. These are keepsakes, and can be vital in turning the tides against Chronos. Each keepsake has its own effect, and the more you use a keepsake, the more powerful it becomes.

Here is every Hades 2 keepsake you can get in the early access build, along with its effect when they rank up:

Character Keepsake Effect
 Hecate Silver Wheel After you use mana, restore it over three seconds, up to a total of 1000/1500/2000 this night.
Odysseus Knuckle Bones The next Guardian loses 5/10/15% health. You take 15% less damage from Guardians
Schelemeus Luckier Tooth  After you fall to zero health, automatically restore 51/76/101 health once this night.
Dora Ghost Onion  Whenever you exit a location, fully restore your health, up to a total of 50/75/100 this night.
Nemesis Evil Eye Deal 20/25/30% additional damage to the last foe that vanquished you.
Moros Engraved Pin  After you fall to zero health, become impervious for ten seconds.
If no foes remain, restore 30/45/60 health.
Eris Discordant Bell After each encounter, you deal 0.5/1/1.5% additional damage, but also take that much more.
Charon  Gold Purse Gain 100/125/150 Gold Crowns once this night.
Hermes Metallic Droplet You move, strike, and channel 20% faster for the next 200/300/400 seconds.
Artemis White Antler While you have no more than 20 health, you have a 20/30/40% chance to deal critical damage.
Selene Moon Beam You gain one/two/three additional upgrade(s) for your Hex from the next Path of Stars you find.
Zeus Cloud Bangle A Boon of Zeus is likely. You can rarify his common/rare/epic blessings once this night.
Hera Iridescent Fan A Boon of Hera is likely. You can rarify her common/rare/epic blessings once this night.
Demeter Barley Sheaf A Boon of Demeter is likely. You can rarify her common/rare/epic blessings once this night.
Apollo Purest Hope  A Boon of Apollo is likely. You can rarify his common/rare/epic blessings once this night.
Aphrodite Beautiful Mirror A Boon of Aphrodite is likely. You can rarify her common/rare/epic blessings once this night.
Hephaestus Adamant Shard A Boon of Hephaestus is likely. You can rarify his common/rare/epic blessings once this night.
Hestia Everlasting Ember A Boon of Hestia is likely. You can rarify her common/rare/epic blessings once this night.
Heracles Lion Fang Deal 30/40/50% bonus damage, but lose 5% of this after each encounter.
Medea Blackened Fleece After you take 250 damage, your Omega moves deal an additional 20/30/40% damage.
Circe Crystal Figurine After the next Guardian, activate one random Arcana Card.
Arachne Silken Sash Gain 20 armor. While you have at least one armor, gain two/three/four armor after each location.
Narcissus Aromatic Phial Fountains restore an additional 20% health. The next makes one random common Boon of yours rare/epic/heroic.
Echo Concave Stone After choosing a Boon, 25% of the time randomly take one more, once this night.
Icarus Experimental Hammer Gain one random Daedalus Hammer upgrade that lasts for 10/15/20 encounters.
Primordial Chaos Transcendent Embryo Gain a random common/rare/epic Chaos blessing once this night. Every eight encounters, replace it.

All of the above information has been gathered from our experience with the first Hades 2 early access build, but as soon as more NPCs and Keepsakes are added to the game, we will be sure to update this list. As we get more time in the game, we’ll be able to glean information on further strengthening each one as well.

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