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Hades 2 launch imminent following end of technical test

Hades 2 may be about to hit early access sooner than anyone thought as the developer states the release will be coming relatively soon.

Hades 2 launch imminent following end of technical test: Melinoë from Hades 2 looks directly at camera, with various mystical candles around her.

Ancient Greece fans it may be time to slip on your loincloths, grab your sandals, and ready your weapons as Hades 2 may be about to launch into Steam Early Access. Following on from the currently-running technical test, the game’s developer has teased an imminent launch for the upcoming action roguelike. So if you’ve been dipping a toe into the test or eyeing a launch date with eager eyes, it might be time to head back into the underworld.

Hades 2 developer Supergiant Games hasn’t been shy about letting everyone know that the game will be launching into early access soon. The heavily anticipated roguelike game is currently running a technical test, meaning a selection of players have been able to try out Hades 2 prior to its launch. While this has given many a glimpse of how the game will play, the ultimate aim is a stress test to find potential issues in Hades 2, and now that test is about to wind up.

In an update posted today, Supergiant Games states that the test has helped it to identify and address key technical issues that it wasn’t able to locate before. As a result, the technical test period will begin to be wrapped up, ending on Monday, April 29. After this date participants will no longer have access to the test and it will disappear from their Steam libraries.

“However, we plan to launch Hades II in Early Access relatively soon after,” the developer says in the update. “We hope you share our excitement for Early Access, and really appreciate your support and encouragement during the Test!”

This implies that the launch of Hades 2 into its early access period will quickly follow on from the end of the test. Of course, “relatively soon” may refer to a variety of timeframes but with the developer feeling confident in the technical stability of the game to cease testing, it seems like we may be staring down the barrel of Hades 2 launching very soon indeed.

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You can read the full text of the update along with the technical test information over on the Hades 2 Steam page. If you’d like to know more about the game, you can check out what we thought in our Hades 2 technical test preview. Should you want to dive into the roster for the game, our guide to the currently confirmed Hades 2 gods and characters will get you salivating for more Greek goodness.

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