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Hades 2 Scylla and the Sirens boss guide

If you’re struggling to beat the Hades 2 Scylla and the Sirens boss fight we have all the information you could need on the musical trio.

Hades 2 Scylla boss: a giant, tentacled monster holding a microphone.

How do you beat the Hades 2 Scylla and the Sirens boss? As you descend a level in the hunt for Chronos you’ll find that things get a little damp and a lot groovy. Oceanus is home to the most famous band you’ve never heard of: Scylla and the Sirens, and they’re here to ensure you have a wonderful – and painful – time.

The Scylla and the Sirens boss fight can be an overwhelming affair, with multiple targets to aim for and a host of area attacks to avoid – not to mention the multiple schools of deadly fish. The bosses in Hades 2 always find a way to be memorable, and this trio of musicians is no different; the song that plays over the fight in the roguelike game has been stuck in our heads for days now.

Hades 2 Scylla boss: an overhead view of a nautical themed band, with the elad singer using a giant shell as a stage.

How to beat Scylla and the Sirens in Hades 2

The main difference between Scylla and the Sirens and the Hades 2 Hecate boss fight is that there are three opponents to be aware of instead of just one. They make up a band, with Scylla on lead vocals, and the Sirens on percussion and guitar. This isn’t just for show, though, as your enemy’s instrument determines their attacks.

While there is just one health bar for this boss fight, each of the three band members has their own health, and you’d do well to take them out individually rather than facing them all at once. Eliminating a band member will take them out of the fight for a short time, giving you some breathing room to pour it on the remaining enemies.

Once the boss’s health bar is sufficiently low, and the drummer and guitarist, have been defeated, you’ll be left with Scylla. When she is alone, Scylla will gain a buff, ‘Featured Artist’, enhancing and speeding up her attacks. Once you’ve dispatched her, the boss fight is over. Also, a really fun fact: if you take out a member of the band, they stop playing their part of the boss music – if you disable Scylla first, for example, you’ll be treated to an instrumental version of the song.

Hades 2 Scylla boss: a giant shelled monster fires red lasers from her shell.

Scylla – the vocalist

The lead singer of the group, and the biggest ego this side of Narcissus. Scylla is a sea creature, and she stays inside the relative safety of her shell, which doubles up as a makeshift stage for her performances.

Because of the shell, you’ll be unable to damage Scylla from the rear. You’ll be forced to attack her from the front, which is, unfortunately, where all her damage comes from. She has four main attacks: a short-range scream, a slow-moving musical projectile, waves of spiked balls, and a spinning line attack.

Scylla isn’t the most difficult enemy to manage, especially if you’ve taken her other cohorts out of the fight. She moves slowly, and all of her attacks can be dodged with ease. Keep your distance, and be careful of the large amounts of enemies she spawns – these have small health bars so can be taken out with little issue.

Hades 2 Scylla boss: a sea moneter sits at a drumset.

Roxy – the drummer

The drummer stays static, blasting the field with area-of-effect damage, forcing you to weave in and out of danger zones. Roxy is the easiest target to hit, as she cannot move away from her kit. Keep an eye on the ground for her attacks, and pour as much damage onto her as you can.

It’s best to take Roxy out first; her area of effect attacks can make it difficult to dodge the more direct approach from the other two band members.

Hades 2 Scylla boss: a sea creature performs a slide with their guitar, leaving a red line in their wake.

Jetty – the guitarist

Jetty is arguably the most dangerous of the trio. She has three main attacks: a long-range dash, a ground smash, and a disabling beam. While the other two band members are alive, Jetty can be a real handful. She has mobility, damage, and the ability to stop you in your tracks.

Once Roxy has been taken out of the fight, concentrate on Jetty; dash away from her dash attacks and use that moment to deal as much damage as you can. The disabling ray, while dealing no damage, can leave you vulnerable to other attacks, so keep an eye out for when she charges this up.

Now that you know how to take out Scylla and the Sirens, you’ll have no trouble traversing Oceanus, getting you one step closer to Chronos. If you’re struggling with this fight and need more power, we have guides on the best Hades 2 keepsakes, and also the best Hades 2 boons – follow these and you’ll have no trouble with anything that stands in your way.