Come and see Half-Life 2 remade in Unreal 4

Half-Life 2

Modder Vergil has been working on a remake of Half-Life 2 in Unreal Engine 4, and now he’s released a four-minute video of his efforts. The gameplay shows the opening area as Gordon Freeman arrives in City 17, where he proceeds to show off the physics and the game world.

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To recreate the feel of Half-Life 2, Vergil directly imported Source Assets of the game into Unreal Engine 4 and then cleaned them up, creating an impressive remake while still remaining true to the original game.

“I’ve imported Valve’s vanilla meshes and textures to recreate the first map of Half-Life 2 in Unreal. I wanted it to be close to the original game’s atmosphere. There was a lot of mesh clean-up work that I’ve had to do. And of course lighting, shading, and blueprinting. I really wanted to see how these assets turn out in Unreal Engine 4.”

The remake is a work-in-progress, with NPCs and enemies yet to be implemented. If you want to help Vergil with the mod, you can join him on his Discord channel. Just be careful before you go checking out the rest of his repertoire, as it’s, er, not exactly safe for work.