Half-Life 3 almost certain to be announced at 1PM PST by Gabe Newell in a Reddit AMA. Possibly. Maybe.

Gabe Newell AMA

Update: Unfortunately he was a no-show. Probably busy getting Half-Life 3 ready for us, right?

It’s definitely going to happen. Gabe Newell is doing a Reddit AMA today, at 1PM PST. In it, people will ask him questions. 98 percent of those questions will be a variant of “When is Half-Life 3 coming out?” And eventually, after this onslaught, we will break him. Completely. 

Exhausted, sick to the back teeth of the same questions over and over again, he will say it. The words we’ve been waiting for. “Half-Life 3 is in development and will be out on…” and then we’ll all have a heart attack, humanity will die out, and the dinosaurs will once again rule the planet.

Thanks, Gabe.

I’ll be sitting here. Waiting. Watching. So you can be sure that I’ll let you know if the world’s about to end. And, of course, you can watch it burn too. Whether or not he announces Half-Life 3, it’s sure to be dramatic.

Gabe’s actually doing the AMA because he promised to do one if the charity event he’s involved in, The Heart of Racing, hit $500,000 in donations. It did. So he owes us Half-Life 3.