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New Half-Life VR game, based on Half-Life: Alyx, out today on Steam

A new Half-Life VR game, based on Half-Life: Alyx, is four-hours long, fully acted, and out today on Steam, as Valve gives the nod to fan project Levitation

New Half-Life VR game, based on Half-Life: Alyx, out today on Steam: A smiling man with a white beard and a gun, Russ from Half-Life: Alyx

A new Half-Life VR game, based on Half-Life: Alyx, launches today on Steam and features full voice-acting, a four-hour campaign, and central characters from Valve’s FPS series like Alyx Vance and G-Man, as the Portal and Dota developer gives the nod to fan project Half-Life: Levitation.

Developed by an independent team, which includes level designer Shawn Snelling (who has previously built maps for Counter-Strike) and Half-Life YouTuber and animator CoreyLaddo, Levitation is a free, unofficial add-on for Half-Life: Alyx which brings a whole new campaign to Valve’s VR hit, and focuses on Alyx as she attempts to rescue members of the Earth Resistance from a mysterious floating building that has appeared in the centre of City 17.

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Fully voiced and featuring the return of Alyx, G-Man, and Russ (there are also some nods to Gordon Freeman), Levitation launches on Steam Workshop today, November 25.

As Half-Life fan games go, Levitation is up there with the likes of Entropy: Zero, a Half-Life 2 sequel that looks and plays as if it were made by Valve itself. The environments in Levitation are rich and detailed, the enemy encounters are well-paced, and even the script has that same blend of clarity, drama, and quick humour that you’d recognise from a Half-Life game.

If you loved Half-Life: Alyx, and want to venture back into the Combine nightmare via VR once more, Levitation is a must-get. The Steam Workshop page isn’t live just yet, but keep an eye on Snelling’s Twitter for when the game hits launch time.

With all these great Half-Life fan projects coming out, we’re once again left to wonder whatever happened to Half-Life 3? They also inspire a touch of nostalgia, the original Half-Life being one of the best old games on PC. And naturally, if you’re thinking of trying Half-Life: Levitation, you’ll want the best VR headset available in 2022.