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Until yesterday, you had more Twitter followers than Valve

To announce Half-Life: Alyx, Valve created its first Twitter account

Half-Life: Alyx was a pleasant surprise when it was rumoured and then subsequently announced this week, since it marks the return of a much-loved series after years out of the limelight. Developer and publisher Valve made the announcement on Twitter, something the company has never done before – because until now, it has never had an official account.

Storefront Steam has an official account, which has existed for some time, but the new @valvesoftware account is the first for Valve as a whole. This means that, yes, until that account was created and made its first tweet with the Half-Life: Alyx announcement, you officially had more Twitter followers than Valve.

Unless, of course, you’re not on Twitter, in which case you had the same number of followers as Valve. Still not bad! Unfortunately the account now has over 50,000, so it’s unlikely you’re still in the lead.

Valve plans to fully reveal the new Half-Life game on Thursday, November 21. The company describes the title as its “flagship VR game”. It will presumably revolve around Alyx Vance, the protagonist’s friend in Half-Life 2.

It’s unclear if Alyx is an entirely new, separate game in the Half-Life universe or if it is a much-evolved version of the now-mythical Half-Life 3.

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