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Half-Life fan remake overtakes Valve’s original on Steam

Half-Life fan remake Black Mesa has more positive Steam reviews than the original Valve game, cementing it as one definitive way to play the shooter.


Half-Life fan remake Black Mesa is now bigger on Valve’s own storefront Steam than the original release from 1998. The FPS game remake has even more overwhelmingly positive reviews than Valve’s landmark shooter, even if not by much, cementing Black Mesa as not just one of the best games you can play on Steam, but a true Half-Life remake as well.

It goes without saying that Black Mesa’s higher number of reviews and positive critical reception simply wouldn’t exist if Valve didn’t make the original Half-Life. However, it’s still amazing to see that developer Crowbar Collective’s love and care for the series has been recognized since Black Mesa was released on Steam in 2020.

The Black Mesa team has taken to Twitter to thank everyone for the reviews, saying, “Big day today! A huge thanks to all of you! We’ve reached an incredible milestone with 90,000 Overwhelmingly Positive Reviews on Steam.”


As of publication, Black Mesa has 90,118 reviews, with 95% of these being positive. By comparison Valve’s 1998 classic has 71,940 reviews, with 96% of these being positive. Considering Half-Life is thought by many to be a landmark achievement in shooters and videogames as a whole, seeing the developers of Black Mesa get approval from Valve, and the Half-Life community as a whole, would make anyone a little teary-eyed.

In contrast, the much-maligned Half-Life Source only has 11,201 reviews that sit at “mostly positive,” as, while the Valve-enhanced version of Half-Life did make some graphical and physics improvements, it’s filled with a lot more glitches than the original game, and than Black Mesa for that matter.

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Still, Black Mesa has earned its reputation and deserves to sit alongside the original Half-Life on Steam, despite not actually being made by Valve. It won’t be alone soon enough either, as Half-Life 2 Remastered has appeared on Steam, which should provide us all with an enhanced and visually overhauled version of the Valve sequel. The original Half-Life is no stranger to these types of overhauls either, as Half-Life Mmod was released earlier this year, making the aging FPS feel more like a modern shooter with minimal changes.

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Image credits: Crowbar Collective and Half-Life wiki.