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Enormous Half-Life mod is basically an entirely new game

What basically feels like an entirely new Half-Life game is now available thanks to a seriously ambitious mod for Valve’s landmark FPS.

New Half-Life mod: A scientist, Gordon Freeman from Valve FPS game Half-Life

There will, one day, be a full, official, and new mainline Half-Life game. If we can get Half-Life Alyx, and the big 25th anniversary rework of the original, then surely, eventually, we can get Half-Life 3. In the meantime, however, trust modders to keep the Gordon Freeman and Black Mesa fires burning. As Valve’s classic FPS turns a quarter of a century old (I just grew a hundred more gray hairs typing that), a gigantic new mod transforms Half-Life into basically an entirely new game. It looks like Half-Life. It feels like Half-Life. But with new levels, characters, weapons, and enemies, this is truly something else.

Delta Particles is a comprehensive transformation of the original Half-Life, taking Valve’s epochal FPS game and using it as the basis for a whole-new shooter adventure. You might have heard of Half-Life Delta, the preliminary version that launched back in 2021. Delta Particles is the complete, polished, and finished product, with detailed textures, new levels, additional enemies, and even a reworked narrative. Take a look courtesy of YouTuber ‘DarkShift.’

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As an engineer at the eponymous Delta Base, you’re caught in the crossfire when the resonance cascade at nearby Black Mesa sparks a sudden alien invasion. Shoot monsters. Solve puzzles. Survive myriad environmental pitfalls and hazards. Mechanically, Delta Particles plays just like classic Half-Life. But don’t let that fool you.

There are 35 hand-built levels, bespoke weapons and enemies, new characters, and even an original story. Combined with the superb texture and sound effect work, Delta Particles is a great standalone shooter, and totally worth playing in its own right. If you’re a big Half-Life fan and want to try this unofficial pseudo-sequel, you can get Delta Particles for yourself right now, right here.

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