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Ageing FPS Half-Life gets free overhaul, but not from Valve

1998's Half-Life is getting an overhaul on Steam, as a mod for the Valve FPS game wants to stay true to the original while touching up the whole experience.

Ageing FPS Half-Life gets free overhaul, but not from Valve: a man with brown hair, glasses, and an orange suit stands in front of a blurred hallway

A revolutionary product of its time, the first Half-Life game from Valve doesn’t need a touch-up, but what if it got one that was incredibly in keeping with the FPS game’s original release on Steam, and what if it was coming out very soon? Well, lucky for you I can answer both those questions, as Half-Life does have an overhaul mod coming to Steam for free and, would you look at that, it’s coming very soon too.

Called ‘Half-Life: MMod’, this free Steam modification for Valve’s shooter aims to completely overhaul the original experience while still keeping within the bounds of the initial 1998 release. There are AI, VFX, SFX, and combat tweaks, all of which are optional alongside a plethora of bug fixes. The mod is described as an “overhaul in [the] spirit of [the] original.”

You can check out an in-progress look at Half-Life: MMod below, with the release right around the corner.

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Half-Life:MMod changes from Steam original

There are plenty of changes coming to Half-Life with this free mod, all of which you can see below.

  • Revised gunplay, dynamic weapon bullet spread, smooth recoil, optional non-hitscan bullets
  • Enhanced player and visual feedback
  • Minor AI tweaks, more reactive and responsive AI, nearly every character blinks
  • New and extra weapon animations
  • Built-in basic chapter selection system
  • Touched-up weapon models, animated weapon screens and creature eyes
  • New arsenal, special weapon functions (silencers, addons, fire modes)
  • Plenty of bug fixes
  • VFX redesign (explosions, bullet impacts, muzzle flashes, monster effects, etc)
  • Minor sound redesign, additional weapon, and monster sounds
  • Weapon foley sounds for every single weapon
  • Restored HEV voice lines
  • Slightly enhanced visuals, detailed textures
  • Visual, atmospheric, and pacing-related map tweaks and additions (work in progress)

All of these changes to the original Half-Life on Steam are also completely optional, as the MMod developer says the release will come with a special options menu where you can toggle which of the changes you want on or off.

Developer Gunship Mark II has actually already released a Half-Life 2: Mmod update as well, which introduces similar improvements to the Valve sequel including better gunplay, new animations, improved textures, changed NPCs and lighting, and much more.

Half-Life 1: Mmod releases March 14, 2023 on Steam, and you can wishlist it from the official page.

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