Half-Life roguelike shooter approved for Steam by Valve

A Half-Life isometric shooter complete with a roguelike mode has been approved for Steam release by Valve, helping us kill time until Half-Life 3

Half-Life roguelike shooter approved for Steam by Valve: Gordon Freeman fights a bullsquid in Half-Life's Black Mesa

A Half-Life isometric shooter with a roguelike game mode is in the works and has been approved for a release on Steam by Dota 2, Portal, and Left 4 Dead developer Valve, certainly something to keep us busy as we continually ponder whatever happened to Half-Life 3.

Codename: Loop (originally named Half-Life: Loop, though that name had to be changed for Steam certification) is being created as a “side project” by developer and modder PinkyDev. Set within the confines of Black Mesa, it uses a traditional, isometric view for its fast-paced, twin-stick shooter gameplay, and takes place in a kind of alternate world where G-Man has placed Gordon Freeman in an infinite “loop” of challenges to test whether or not he is a worthy subject.

“The initial goal of the game was to make a roguelike game based on Half-Life,” says PinkyDev. “I’m going to be focusing more on linear campaigns with ‘dynamic/random’ stuff. The roguelike mode will be added after making an official campaign for Codename: Loop.”

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Though a release date is yet to be confirmed, PinkyDev has recently posted an update saying the game has been approved by Half-Life’s original creator Valve and will eventually be available on Steam. “A few months ago I asked Valve for permission to publish my Half-Life fan game on Steam,” PinkyDev continues, “and guess what? Codename: Loop is coming to Steam, hopefully with a demo later this year.” You can follow the development of Codename: Loop via its page on Mod DB.

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