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Halo Infinite’s BTB fix did not actually fix BTB

Good news: Halo Infinite's Big Team Battle hotfix is here! Bad news: It does not appear to have actually fixed anything of note

One of Halo Infinite's large Big Team Battle maps

Halo Infinite‘s 24-player Big Team Battle mode has been having issues since shortly after launch, making it difficult to matchmake into a game, and often providing an unstable experience even after you’ve gotten in. A new hotfix today was meant to correct those problems, but it seems there haven’t actually been any meaningful improvements.

“Unfortunately it looks like today’s patch did not fully resolve the BTB matchmaking problems,” community director Brian Jarrard says in a forum post. “The team is continuing to investigate and while we believe there may be some minor improvements, matchmaking is still not working as expected. Many people worked hard to get this fix out the door and it’s naturally very disappointing we’re not seeing the desired and expected results. We know this is an ongoing source of frustration and the team will continue to work towards a resolution.”

There’s no word yet on how long a follow-up fix will take, but it seems that 343 Industries is having a difficult time tracking down the source of the issues. Regardless, the promised set of five bonus XP boosts and challenge swaps still went live today as scheduled – you’ll get those if you log in anytime between now and February 16.

For now, Jarrard adds that the idea of disabling BTB-related challenges is “being investigated”.

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