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Halo Infinite Forge map of Peach’s Castle from Mario 64 playable now

A new Halo Infinite Forge map brings Super Mario 64 to the FPS game in the form of Peach's Castle, and it's about as chaotic as you'd expect

Halo Infinite Forge map of Peach’s Castle from Mario 64 playable now: a picture of master chief in his green space armour, with mario's red had on his head with two eyes

With the winter update there are already plenty of incredible Halo Infinite Forge maps being added to the FPS game with the beta release of the shooter’s iconic creation tool. You can already find Blood Gulch in Halo Infinite, and even earn proper traditional match XP now thanks to an overhaul from 343 Industries too. Perhaps the most impressive thing though is a fan-created Forge map that brings classic platformer Super Mario 64 to the multiplayer game.

Built from the ground up by BoBo Gaijin as a Halo Infinite Forge map, Peach’s castle aims to faithfully recreate the iconic hub world while making it into a functional multilayer map. Yes, that means the paintings act as teleporters, even for projectiles. There’s even a nice little surprise if you know where to find Yoshi in the original game.

You can check out the Halo Infinite Forge map of the Super Mario 64 hub in BoBo Gaijin’s video below.

YouTube Thumbnail

The Halo Infinite Forge map is currently available for public testing, with BoBo Gaijin saying it “supports Team Slayer, CTF, Strongholds, KOTH, and Oddball (recommend Objective games like KOTH, since the castle wasn’t originally designed for Halo),” but it is under a public playtest, so keep that in mind.

“This map does not work well with FFA,” BoBo Gaijin adds. “Also, I haven’t been able to do a proper playtest since I’ve only played with bots, fingers crossed.”

Peach’s Castle definitely devolves into pure chaos in this Halo Infinite Forge map, as the small spaces and weapons combine to give you no place to hide. But the fight can be taken outside too, so it’ll be interesting to see all the points of interest in an objective based map.

“I kinda went crazy with the weapons lol. Part of me wanted to make sure it could also support bigger groups like 12v12, but I should have at least spaced the weapons out more,” BoBo Gaijin adds.

If this interests you, you can bookmark the Halo Infinite Forge map based on Peach’s Castle via Halo Waypoint, with a new and improved full release potentially on the way as well.

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