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Halo Infinite probably won’t include a battle royale mode

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Battle royale is unlikely to feature in Halo Infinite. Master Chief’s next outing, which was announced at E3 earlier this summer won’t follow other triple-A shooters, like Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 and Battlefield V, by adopting the popular new genre.

The announcement came in a stream hosted last night on the Halo Mixer channel. Halo’s developers, 343 Industries, played some games, and chatted with the community about the upcoming game. One of the questions posed during the stream asked whether the game’s multiplayer modes would include a take on the battle royale.

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The reply was a pretty emphatic no. Writer Jeff Easterling answered the question by saying “I’ll tell you right now, the only BR we’re interested in is Battle Rifle,” referencing one of the series’ iconic weapons. According to Easterling, the battle rifle is “the original BR,” and he then goes on to tell the community to “calm yourself.” You can check out this answer on the stream, at around the 55 minute mark.

Whatever 343 decide to do regarding Halo Infinite’s release date, we’ll be waiting a while to find out – the Halo Infinite release date still hasn’t been announced, and it could be at least a year until we do actually get our hands on the new game.