How to unlock Halo: Reach armor

Spartan armor is back but you’ll need to unlock it in a new way, here’s how


How do you unlock Halo: Reach armor? Multiple instalments in the Halo series have come and gone – introducing new features and quirks – but Spartan armor has remained a constant.

Your gear proves more than aesthetic, and is also a mark of some achievement. For example, the only way to get the Recon armor set in Halo 3 was from a Bungie employee themself. Thankfully, though, there isn’t anything in Reach armor-wise that requires a dev to step in. While Halo: Reach originally graced consoles nine years ago, the way you unlock armor has changed. Previously, it was based on level-based unlocks and credits, whereas now we have a season system that asks for Halo: Reach season points. That’s not the only thing that’s different, either, as we also have Halo: Reach mods to busy ourselves with now that Halo Master Chief Collection is on PC.

Don’t worry though, in this guide we’ll explain how the new season system works, and how you can get earn points fast. That way, you’ll be fully clued up on how to unlock Halo: Reach armor.

How to unlock Halo: Reach armor

There are currently 100 tiers of rewards this current season that are tied to your rank. Among those rewards, is Spartan armor. If you’re curious what you’re current rank is, it’s in the top right of the screen next to your nameplate.

Halo: Reach armor is unlocked by exchanging season points to progress through tiers. Once you hit tier two, you’ll get the reward that’s tied to it – the reward usually being armor-based.

To get season points you’ll need experience, and that can be obtained through the multiplayer and Firefight modes. Do be warned, though, progress is swift at first though it’ll slow down as you reach the higher tiers.

And there you have it, that’s how you unlock Halo: Reach armor. The format is new, but it’s simple enough once you know what you’re doing. One to keep in mind though, as other Halo PC games will likely follow suit regarding armor unlocks.