Halo: Spartan Assault free update adds 360 controller support and new missions


Halo: Spartan Assault is out now; here’s our Halo: Spartan Assault review.

Windows 8 exclusive Halo game Spartan Assault has received a free update today in the form of the Operation Hydra add-on. The update brings with it new content, but most notable is that it patches in support for the Xbox 360 controller. It’s a pretty sensible thing to support, what with the game basically being a twin-stick shooter. 

Alongside support for controllers comes five new missions, a new set of achievements, and the ability to unlock some weapons through experience that were previously only available to buy via micro-transaction.

Tim reviewed Spartan Assault, and in his eloquent tones called it “a load of old gash” and slapped a 4/10 on it. I don’t know if support for sticks and a few extra missions would increase that score by even a point, but there’s something that tells me “not a chance”.

Thanks, Game Informer.