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Halo: Spartan Assault is a top-down shooter exclusive to Windows 8. Wait, WHAT?


Halo: Spartan Assault is out now; here’s our Halo: Spartan Assault review.

Last week, we got reservedly excited about Halo Bootcamp, the subject of a vague Korean ratings board listing. What wasn’t to be reservedly excited about? We figured it’d be Windows 8-exclusive, but hey – Halo was returning to PC with a shooter Microsoft claimed to be “very enthusiastic about”. 

In hindsight, we look puppy-like in our optimism. Today Microsoft have announced Halo: Spartan Assault, a twin-stick-style arcade explode-a-thon headed for Windows 8 tablets, phones and PCs.

Spartan Assault has been co-developed by current series custodians 343 Industries and Gatling Gears veterans Vanguard Games. Set between the events of Halos 3 and 4, the game charts the early years of the Spartan Ops program, plotting a course through 25 missions’ worth of battles you’ve probably heard alluded to at one time or another.

Players can play as either Commander Sarah Palmer or the ludicrously-named Spartan Davis in a setup that sees notable Spartan operations with names like Umbra, Captured Chance and Frostbite recreated in a UNSC tactical simulator. Once you’re strapped in, you’ll cut down waves of Covenant, escort troop transports, rendezvous at landing sites, ooo rahs, and maybe even drive a familiar vehicle or two:

Cloud saving means players will be able to switch between PC, tablet and phone and pick up where they left off – but confusingly, each version will be sold separately.

Halo: Spartan Assault will be released in July, exclusively on Windows 8, for $6.99. Are you still interested?

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