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Here’s one hour of Halo Reach PC gameplay footage

Halo Reach still looks like Halo, even on PC

Halo Reach is the first piece of the Master Chief Collection coming to PC, but it’s been slow going so far. After some delays, we expect to see a Halo Reach beta build soon, and today 343 Industries spent its latest stream playing through some of the campaign, and that means we’ve now got a whole bunch of gameplay footage showcasing the new port in action.

Maybe the most exciting part is just seeing the game launched through Steam, as that’s how the Mixer stream opens up. Beyond that, it is very much Halo Reach with mouse and keyboard. The current build is missing some features expected in the final release – wider FOV is a big one – but should give an idea of what to expect.

Something close to this build is expected to go live for members of the Insider programme this June, so at least some of you will be able to go hands-on soon. 343 plans to launch a blog post tonight detailing everything they’re ready to talk about regarding the Reach port, and we’ll keep you updated on the pertinent details.

Check out the footage below.

The Master Chief Collection will be rolling out as each game is ready, though we don’t know exactly how long that’s going to take. Early indications of the PC release date suggested that the whole thing would be out this year, but that’s looking increasingly unlikely.

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Either way, we’re finally inching closer to once again having proper Halo on PC. If we’ve waited this long, the last stretch shouldn’t be too bad.