Halo: The Master Chief Collection is coming to Steam, starting with Reach

The Master Chief Collection is officially headed for Steam

We’ve been expecting an official announcement about the Halo: The Master Chief Collection on PC for ages now, but those hints came to a head with a new set of reports and teasers throughout the past week. Today’s Inside Xbox stream made it official – and not only is it going to be on the official Microsoft Store, it’s coming to Steam, too.

But the collection isn’t coming all at once – instead, the games will be coming one-by-one as part of what 343 Industries describes collaborative process with the community to make sure the PC release is up to snuff. That starts with the prequel Halo: Reach, and will proceed chronologically by game from there.

Ruffian and Splash Damage are collaborating on the port – though apparently the developers take exception to that specific word. This version is set to be a full experience including everything you’d expect from a modern PC title. Features like proper mouse and keyboard support, customisable keybinds, FOV sliders, and ultrawide resolutions are all specifically cited in the announcement.

The announcement provided no further details on dates or even release windows, though you should expect more information soon.

You can get a peek via the trailer above.

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The Steam page for Master Chief Collection is already live, but there’s one particular note in the margins – the game requires an Xbox Live account. This is likely a measure to facilitate cross-play between versions which will be satisfied with a free account – if Microsoft is going the extra mile by releasing a Steam port, it’s unlikely the company would want to draw the ire that’d come with requiring a paid subscription for multiplayer.