Halo Wars 2 gets a 17GB demo

Halo Wars 2

A lot of people are sitting on the fence with Halo Wars 2 on PC. For many, an RTS game designed for console fills the mind with doubt. Well, now you can try before you commit. 

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The demo, available on Windows 10 via the Microsoft store, weighs in a 17GB, so it’s hefty. It gives you access to both the opening mission of the single-player campaign, as well as Blitz mode – a strange hybrid of card game and RTS.

You might think that’s a big download for a demo, but the game itself recently got a performance patch that weighed in at almost 10GB.

It’s meant to be a decent game, according to our 7/10 Halo Wars 2 review. You can now see if your opinion aligns with our reviewers, and you don’t even need to spend a penny.

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