Hand of Fate 2 brings back the tabletop hack ‘n’ slash with a November release date

hand of fate 2 release date

Hand of Fate is an action-RPG with one big twist – your quests and challenges are chosen from a deck of cards that build a fresh set of roguelike challenges for you every time you play. The first game proved a hit, and we’ve been eagerly awaiting its sequel. Now we won’t have to wait much longer, because Hand of Fate 2 will be out November 7.

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Defiant Development promise a vastly expanded game with four times the content of its predecessor, with much greater depth and variety in all that new stuff. The newly overhauled combat system features unique weapon styles, like dual wielding, two handed attacks, and sword and shield options.

Four different companions will join your quest, each with their own stories, and a whole host of challenges, encounters, tokens, gear, monsters, bosses, and NPCs promise to fill out the sequel with all kinds of deck-building adventure.

It’s also a launch title for Xbox One X, and while that doesn’t necessarily mean much for PC players on the surface, it does mean that the game is optimized for 4k resolutions and should have the assets to match. In short, it should look real nice on your computer.