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Is Harold Halibut on Game Pass?

Find out if Harold Halibut is on Game Pass so you can enjoy the handcrafted adventure game as part of your subscription on day one.

Harold Halibut Game Pass: a man wearing a brown shirt, suspenders and brown pants.

Is Harold Halibut on Game Pass? The hand-crafted, stop-motion narrative game is as unique as they come. It follows Harold, a scientist’s assistant on a sunken city-sized spaceship deep under an alien ocean. Despite the fantastical setting, Harold Halibut looks to explore the intimate idea of what it means to call somewhere ‘home’, and we can’t wait to play it.

While there is no set release date for Harold Halibut just yet, players are clambering to know where they can purchase the adventure game once it does come out, and if it will be included in their Game Pass subscription. Hopefully, it won’t be too long before we can explore the sunken city in this cozy indie game, so here’s whether Harold Halibut is on Game Pass.

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Is Harold Halibut on Game Pass?

Yes, Harold Halibut will be available on Game Pass once it is released on PC and Xbox Series S/X. This news comes from the official Harold Halibut X (formerly Twitter) account, where the developer states it’s excited for its game to be on ‘Game Pass in early 2024’.

Harold Halibut will also be available on Steam, though it’s unclear whether Microsoft has any kind of exclusivity deal with the indie developers. We’ve seen indie games come to Game Pass at launch while simultaneously launching on other digital storefronts, so there’s a good chance Harold Halibut won’t be exclusive to the Microsoft Store on Windows, but keep an eye on the game’s X (formerly Twitter) account for more details.

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