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Roguelike horror game is Resident Evil, with Baldur’s Gate 3’s Karlach

Blending the pure terror of classic Resident Evil with colorful visuals and a plethora of gore, this new horror roguelike is a must.

A person wearing a leather outfit with a fur cloak with a gas mask on, holding an axe in one hand, and a lantern in the other in a murky green area

I am, admittedly, very bad at horror games. I remember playing Resident Evil Village when I stayed with my mom, and she checked on me multiple times because of just how much I was screeching (that baby haunts my dreams). New horror roguelike Harvest Hunt is looking to cause just as much distress all over again – thankfully, I live alone now, but is that a blessing, or a curse?

This is Luna Nova, a forgotten village nestled amid murky swamps and dense, agricultural foliage. You are its Warden, and you’re responsible for keeping your people safe from the vicious Devourer, Harvest Hunt‘s resident monstrosity.

Blending the roguelike game tropes of Slay the Spire with pure, unadulterated survival horror akin to classic Resident Evil, you’ll have to blend stealth, strategy, and good ol’ fashioned brawling to protect Luna Nova. You’ll craft your own makeshift weapons and tailor your deck to suit your playstyle – but don’t get too comfortable, because your run will be different every time.

You can see all of this in the IGN Fan Fest trailer below, which is narrated by Baldur’s Gate 3’s very own infernal tiefling, Karlach. Yes, somehow this game just got even better.

YouTube Thumbnail

But there’s even more. The most interesting thing about Harvest Hunt, for me, is the fact that you can sacrifice your health in order to increase your power. Think Vladimir in League of Legends, a mono-black deck in Magic: The Gathering – as someone who loves the high-risk-high-reward playstyle, this mechanic has me intrigued.

The Harvest Hunt release window is set for May, 2024, with a specific date yet to be announced. You can wishlist it here, or if you’re looking for a scare, you can dive straight into the demo.

It’s also the first game to drop from new publisher Neonhive, who announced its entry into the games publishing sphere earlier today (Tuesday, February 20).

While we (thankfully) won’t be waiting too long for Harvest Hunt, we have a list of the best free Steam games for you to peruse until the night descends. If you live for the adrenaline, though, we also have a list of all the best horror games – hopefully you won’t upset your mother like I did.

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