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Adhesive Games are meching a new series of Hawken tactics videos; this is the first


Hawken types Adhesive Games are launching Mech Mechanic: a new Youtube series designed to provide players with tactical advice. It’ll showcase the game’s machines one-by-one, and spare you hours of trial and error in working out how to make the most of your weapons, abilities and items.

Its inaugural episode features the Raider mech, which was patched into the game back in March.

The Raider is specialised for close combat and sudden bursts of movement, so I’d suggest you use it for that. You’ll find more useful, better-informed advice below:

Your own first days in Battlefield or Counter-Strike might be ancient history, but it’s worth remembering that multiplayer shooting remains the most intimidating realm for new players to venture into, on account of all them judgemental humans. So: more of this sort of thing, don’t you think?