Hawken opens delightfully sketchy mech store for April Fools


With a Geocities-style web design so convincing I almost rebooted into Safe Mode to run a malware scan, Hawken’s fake April Fools mech store, KHANGsMECHS.COM, is pretty much what I imagine the internet will look like in our glorious giant battling robots future.

The most important thing to know about Khang’s Mechs is that you can trust Khang, and his deals are not to be beaten. The second most important thing to know is that attempting to do business with Khang will take you back to the much less dubious Hawken website where you can buy mechs with somewhat greater confidence. But if you don’t feel like playing Hawken, you can still get a taste of its mech combat with Super Mech Shoot Master 2000, another F2P game of sorts available on Khang’s Mechs. Given the choice, I recommend Hawken.