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A Hearthstone streamer is playing entirely hands-free

Hearthstone voice commands

I sometimes find it difficult to combine my twin loves of eating sandwiches and playing games. Taking a bite out of a delicious grilled cheese sandwich usually means that, for a second, my attention and hands are diverted from the game. Streamer Billyisms doesn’t have this problem, or at least not when he’s playing Hearthstone, because he never has to use his hands.

William, the man behind the Billyisms Twitch and YouTube channel, is attempting to become the first person to reach Legend rank without using his hands, either for mouse or touchscreen controls. He’s just using his voice.

Despite my complaints about not being able to eat giant sandwiches and play games at the same time, I love how tactile Hearthstone is and wouldn’t want to give that up by controlling it with my voice. Voice controls for Hearthstone could be massively beneficial for people with certain disabilities, however, and not just lovers of sandwiches.

The Billyisms channel is usually active from 2pm EST if you fancy watching voice controlled Hearthstone, and a tutorial is in the works if you want to set it up yourself.