Blackrock Spire is now available for Hearthstone players

Hearthstone BLackrock

The third wing of Blackrock Mountain’s PvE adventure is now available to all Hearthstone players, big and small, old and young, everybody is welcome.

It’s called Blackrock Spire, it offers three new boss battles, a couple of class challenges as well as six new cards. The update should be sitting in your Solo Adventures as we speak.

Blackrock Spire is the third part of the five part, single-player Blackrock Mountain adventure, and sees you facing off against AI-controlled bosses Highlord Omokk, General Drakkisath and Rend Blackhand, using dragons and fire and tactics.

Blackrock Mountain

You can find out more by reading our Blackrock Mountain adventure guide, or by taking a look our interview with Hearthstone’s director Eric Dodds. You can also check out all of Blackrock Mountain’s revealed cards right here.