Blizzard to reveal remaining Blackrock Mountain Hearthstone cards on stream tomorrow

Blackrock Mountain Hearthstone Stream

We’ve been keeping a close eye on Blizzard’s next Hearthstone adventure, Blackrock Mountain, ever since it was announced at this year’s PAX East. It’s a fiery ordeal inside the home of the Lord of Fire, Ragnaros himself.

Blizzard have been slowly revealing cards from the new adventure of the past few weeks. Tomorrow however, during a Twitch live stream, they’ll not only be revealing the rest, but also showing them in action too with a showmatch.

Update: It’s launched! Check our Hearthstone Blackrock Mountain guide

The livestream will take place at 10:00AM PDT on Monday, where community managers Whirthun and Zeriyah will go head to head, using the new cards from the Blackrock Mountain adventure.

We’ve got the stream embedded below, but while you anxiously wait, you can read Steve’s interview with Hearthstone director Eric Dodds about the Blackrock Mountain adventure itself.

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