Hearthstone heralds March ranked season with fiery Ragnaros card back

Hearthstone March Ragnaros Card Back

Blizzard are kicking off the month March with some heat. Marking the beginning of Hearthstone’s third ranked play season of 2015, players who manage to attain the measly rank of 20 will be rewarded with a card back, styled after the Firelord himself – Ragnaros.

What are you waiting for, you puny little insects!

If you’re already sweating at the mere thought of competing on Hearthstone’s ranked ladder, don’t worry – you couldn’t start at a better time. We’ve just updated our best Hearthstone decks for beginners guide, and inside you’ll find both cheap and expensive decks which have been vetted for ranked play.

Remember, you only need to reach rank 20 to be guaranteed the new seasonal card back at the end of the month; it’s impossible to lose stars/ranks while below 20, so it’s only a question of time.

To raise your spirits, here’s Hearthstone Youtuber “Trolden” and his aggregate of funny/unlucky plays for this week. The Annoy-o-tron one is just exquisite.