Hearthstone makes Blizzard $20 million a month, according to research company

Hearthstone makes Blizzard 20 million a month

It shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone that Hearthstone has been extremely lucrative for Blizzard, especially now that it’s playable on multiple platforms. Just how lucrative, though, that’s perhaps a little bit more surprising.

According to a report from research company SuperData, Hearthstone generates around $20 million a month for Blizzard. That’s $20 million just from optional purchases like card packs and expansions.

While this is still far from what League of Legends, Riot’s F2P behemoth, makes (it’s over $100 million) per month, it’s more than any other digital CCG and even popular MOBAs like Dota 2, which SuperData noted earned Valve $18 million earlier this year.

Have you dropped any cash for digital goodies in Hearthstone, or have you been keeping your wallet closed?

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