Hearthstone’s Blackrock Mountain expansion launches next week

Hearthstone BLackrock

Hey hey, Blizzard has finally given Hearthstone’s second adventure a proper release date.

The first of Blackrock Mountain‘s five parts, titled Blackrock Depths, will launch in the Americas on Thursday, April 2nd and then everywhere else on Friday, April 3rd.

Update: It’s launched! Check our Hearthstone Blackrock Mountain guide

Subsequent parts of the dragon-focussed expansion will arrive on a weekly basis, eventually introducing all 31 of the hot-n-shiny new Blackrock Mountain cards to the game. Players can receive a Molten Core card back by pre-purchasing all five parts at once, or they can scoop up each part as they arrive. Whatever they fancy doing really.

The hallowed cardfolks at Blizzard HQ also revealed three more new dragon-class cards: Volcanic Drake, Drakonid Crusher and none other than the big bad Nefarian himself.

You can see all 17 revealed Blackrock Mountain cards here.