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Hearthstone’s new Tavern Brawl asks if you’re feeling lucky

Hearthstone Encounter at the Crossroads

Today’s new Hearthstone Tavern Brawl is a bit of a lottery, and you might want to sacrifice a goat before jumping in and playing a match. Encounter at the Crossroads is all about RNG. 

If you’ve had a string of good luck recently, then you might want to test out your good fortune in Encounter at the Crossroads.

Once you pick your class, everything is taken out of your hands. There’s no deck building here, but you won’t be given premade decks, either. It’s all RNG, all random. You won’t know what you’ll end up with until you start playing your hand.

This means you could end up with a deck full of legendaries, or you might end up with something a little bit useless, facing an opponent with a very strong deck.

For your first win you’ll get, as always, a free classic card pack.