The longest turn in Hearthstone history is playing out on Twitch

Hearthstone turn record

Turns in Hearthstone are nice and quick things. You have time to look at your cards, chew your lip a bit and then play. If you don’t, the timer runs out and your turn is over, regardless of whether or not you’ve actually done anything. 

A couple of Hearthstone players have been in the same turn for around 10 hours. It’s all down to wizardry and the desire to break set a record. 

These card sorcerers have exploited the fact that the normally inevitable progression of the timer ceases when a spell or ability animation is doing its thing. In one player’s hand is nine copies of the Mage spell, Arcane Missiles, which launches three magic projectiles at the enemy. 206 copies of the spell Velen’s Chosen adds more damage to the missiles by chucking more of them into the mix. Finally, seven minions, Prophet Velen, have been placed on the board, doubling both spell damage and the number of missiles.

All this adds up to over 26,000 missiles per card, all fired one at a time. It’s going to take 40 hours until the attack is complete and the turn ends.

To stop the other player from being slaughtered by this barrage of magic, they’ve cast Ice Block. The effect? It stops a player from dying until the next turn. So they’re down to 1 HP, but they’re not going anywhere.

Over on Twitch, the entire record attempt is being livestreamed. It’s… well it’s dreadfully boring, honestly. It’s one turn, one animation, extended for hours and hours. I would say that it’s too boring to watch for more than a minute, but over 5,000 people are currently watching, and some say they’ve been there for hours.

There’s one problem, though. Hearthstone will be down for scheduled maintenance tomorrow, at 3am PDT. That’s in less than 11 hours. The turn won’t end for just shy of 30 hours.

Cheers, PC Gamer.