Blizzard are looking for a legendary Hearthstone player to help design upcoming Adventures


Are you really good at card games or, more specifically, Hearthstone? If you’ve reached Legendary status multiple times in Hearthstone, Blizzard could want you to go and work with them on future expansions.

If you’re this person, our feature on the best Hearthstone decks for beginners probably isn’t for you.

“We are in need of a legendary Hearthstone player and designer to join the ranks of our development team to help us in designing the expansions and adventures that make Hearthstone so fun,” says the Blizzard job posting.

“The game designer joining our team will have the core responsibility and specialisation in making fun-to-play, clear, and balanced cards to complement our expansions and adventures. The ideal candidate has obtained Legendary status in Hearthstone several times and understands the aspects of the high level play. A true passion for playing games and the ability to articulate well why a game design decision is good or bad is key.”

So you’ll need to be an amazing Hearthstone player with an eye for what makes good and bad cards, basically. Does that sound like you? If it does, you could end up designing your very own cards for an upcoming Adventure.

You’ll need to be able to spot confusing, overpowered and unclear design, give examples of such and explain why you think so.

Of course, you also need to have two years’ experience in a game design or board game design too. For the full details on how to apply, head over to the Blizzard job posting now.