The next Hearthstone Adventure could be themed around one of five WoW raids


It looks like the next Hearthstone Adventure could be themed around Karazhan, if rumours are the be believed.

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The information comes from Chinese social media, translated via Reddit, where a poster claimed to have knowledge of the next Adventure. The author of the post previously leaked the Morgl hero before he was released, so there’s a good chance this rumour is legit.

When asked if they knew anything else, they said: “The next adventure is a three-Chinese characters raid”.

So the name of the raid was three Chinese characters in length. Reddit has boiled this down to five possibilities:

  • 卡拉赞 Karazhan
  • 奥杜尔 Ulduar
  • 永春台 Terrace of Endless Spring
  • 悬槌堡 Highmaul
  • 祖阿曼 Zul’Aman

You might be wondering why Karazhan is a frontrunner. Redditorczhihong makes some convincing points. “Highmaul and Terrace of the Endless Spring are pretty recent raids that are not particularly iconic, compared to the other two,” they write.

“There were also only four bosses in Terrace of Endless Spring and seven in Highmaul, so it is doubtful that there would be enough content to fill an adventure.

“Ulduar (13+1 bosses) has long been speculated to be a future Adventure whenever Adventure seasons come along, but a few of the bosses have already been released as cards: Flame Leviathan, Mirmiron’s Head sort of, and of course the big daddy himself, Yogg-Saron the final non-optional boss. It’s still possible of course that bosses already with cards can be incorporated somehow (see Executus, Majordomo), but so soon after Yogg-Saron himself was released?

“Karazhan (11 bosses) was one of the most loved raids (as was Ulduar), with quite a bit of cool stuff that would be fun to see as an Adventure, most feel. It was also recently seen in the Warcraft movie and has some ties to the upcoming WoW expansion I think.”

Blizzard said they were planning to put a new Adventure out in the middle of the year, so expect an official announcement soon.