Hearthstone is about to let you borrow your friends’ decks

Hearth and Home

Hearthstone’s upcoming expansion, The Witchwood, will allow you to loan decks to your friends. In a stream last night, game director Ben Brode introduced the new feature.

Here’s every new card revealed in Hearthstone’s The Witchwood expansion.

Aptly named, Borrowed Decks will allow you to, you guessed it, borrow decks from your friends and then play with them. Brode said “If you’re challenging another player and maybe you’re new to the game and you don’t have a lot of decks or you just want to help somebody playtest, you can hit ‘Borrow Decks’ and they’ll get a little dialogue box.”

Borrow Decks will only be available when you’re playing against a friend, as obviously you won’t be able to take cards you don’t own into a competitive game mode. You’ll be able to swap with friends and exchange decks to play with in 1v1s, allowing you to complete challenges.

The Witchwood launches on Thursday, and Borrow Decks isn’t the only change it’s set to make; quests are set to become more rewarding, giving you more gold for completing easier tasks. There’s also Shudderwock to contend with, a card Ben Brode says is the craziest his team have ever made.