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You’re not allowed to buy Hearthstone packs in China - but they can be a “free” gift

Hearthstone Deck Box

Blizzard have introduced a new system that enables Hearthstone players to keep buying card packs in China.

Well. Sort of.

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Recent changes to Chinese gambling laws have cracked down on random loot. As a result of this,Blizzard were asked by the Chinese government to disclose the exact odds of receiving each class of item in a loot box or card pack.

In response to this, Blizzard have manufactured a new system where card packs are given as a freebie alongside in-game credit, called Arcane Dust, therefore creating a legal workaround that enables Chinese players to participate in pseudo-gambling fun without breaking the law.

To date, the update only affects Chinese servers, with Arcane Dust icons appearing where the card packs traditionally sit.

Thanks, Hearthpwn.